Luxury Homes in Southern Utah

Typical Luxury homes in Southern Utah begin around $700,000. A luxury home is traditionally included in the top 10% of real estate price listings in the area. If these homes appear in your price range and you have always wanted to enjoy the luxuries that these homes have to offer, then feel free to look below! A luxury home provides several benefits to make your living situation perfect. Often new and very well maintained, purchasing a luxury home gives you the confidence of a good investment and the privilege of an extremely comfortable lifestyle.

Saint George is the place that you will find the most luxury homes in Southern Utah, in fact, five to seven percent of the real estate in St. George is are close to 1 million dollars or over. There are simply stunning homes in St. George, placed on the foothills of the valley, in stark and beautiful contrast to the red rock surrounding them. Many of these beautiful homes have incredible views, fun and creative pools, and thoughtful yet elegant floor plans. Click the button to the left to view all of the Saint George luxury homes on the market.

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